H-type Finned Tube Economizer

Structural Features:
●The H-type finned tube economizer is formed by welding pairs of fins onto the plain tubes of an economizer via an automatic resistance welding method, which utilizes a fin-extension-type heating surface to replace the traditional heating surface of plain tube economizer, thereby allowing more heat transfer areas to be arranged in a limited space.
●The heating surface area of an H-type finned tube economizer is 6-9 times that of a plain tube economizer having the same diameter and length, whereas its space occupation is merely 50-60% of the plain tube economizer, greatly reducing the cost of the boiler. 
●The H-type finned tube economizer has advantages of compact structure, ideal heat transfer efficiency, high abrasion resistance, low flue gas resistance and least ash accumulation. 
The H-type finned tube economizers are mainly used for power station boilers, industrial boilers, and heat-exchange equipment (e.g., air heaters, coal economizers and waste heat boilers) used for recovering the waste heat of the exhaust gas of marine or terrestrial diesel engines units. Moreover, the H-type finned tube economizers can also be used as waste heat recovery equipment in technological processes of industries such as chemical engineering and petroleum.