Sichuan Zhugen Boiler Wins the Bid of SICOMINES Project in the Congo

Release time:2020-01-22 09:50

        Sichuan Zhugen Boiler Co., Ltd. wins the bid of waste heat boilers used for the smelting system of SICOMINES project phase II in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), embracing a good start in 2020.

        At the beginning of 2020, the copper and cobalt mine bidding project of SICOMINES in the Congo (DRC) is settled, and Sichuan Zhugen Boiler Co., Ltd. is confirmed as the bid winner, with a bid price of nearly one million US dollars.

        In recent years, guided by the Belt and Road Initiative, taking advantage of favorable foreign trade polices, Sichuan Zhugen Boiler Co., Ltd. begins to spread its wings to catch the wind.

        The successful bid winning marks a key step in the exporting business of Sichuan Zhugen Boiler Co., Ltd., establishing a solid foundation for the company’s products and brand promoted to overseas markets.

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