Vietnamese and Cambodian Customers Visited Our Company

Release time:2018-12-26 14:46

On Dec. 21, 2018, Mr. Sao Pana, Vice Minister of the Interior of Cambodia, Mr. Bai Naxi, Vice Governor of Bodi Minzhi Province, Mr. Ruan Desheng, Member of the Law Enforcement Bureau of the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development of Vietnam, Mr. Ruan Youquan, Deputy General Manager of the First Electric Power Design Institute of Vietnam, Mr. Deng Chenglong, Director of International Cooperation Dept., Mr. Pei Gongdao, Deputy General Manager of the Electric Business Dept., Mr. Xiong Taiyan, Chief Expert of the Business Cooperation Alliance, Mr. Shuxing, Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Luo Yunfei, Chairman of Vietnam Ocean Investment and Trade Co., Ltd., and Mr. Xiong Fan, General Manager of Vietnam China-based Import and Export Alliance Co., Ltd. were accompanied by the leaders of Leshan government to visit Sichuan Zhugen Boiler Co., Ltd.. President Liu Yong briefed the company's 60-year-development, and expressed the willing to establish a cooperating relationship with ASEAN countries during the meeting. Customers have highly appraised and appreciated the company's products and quality, expressed their willing to cooperate with Zhugen Boiler.

Taking a group photo

Factory tour

Studying Zhugen’s products

Introducing to foreign customers


Reaching a cooperating consensus

Reaching a cooperating consensus

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