Sichuan Mianyang Special Inspection Institute Helps Enterprises to Eliminate Hidden Safety Dangers

Release time:2016-05-18 14:51

       Recently, the special inspection office of Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, carried out regular inspection of boiler equipment in a chemical enterprise of Jiangyou, and found that the 20t/h A-class medium-pressure steam boiler equipment had serious security risks. In order to give full play to the institutional functions of "Safety and Promotion of Development", the inspectors in the institute actively help enterprises to formulate detailed maintenance plans, and supervise the maintenance work on site until the equipment reaches safe operation conditions.

       The chemical enterprises under inspection mainly produce methanol, which is flammable. Once the chain reaction is caused by the explosion of the boiler, it will cause a terrible accident. In order to fully guarantee the safe operation of special equipment, solving the existing problems of boilers, inspectors enter into boilers to carry out inspections. According to the information feedback from the onsite inspections, it is found that there are some problems in boilers, such as burning out deformations of swirl vanes at the burning head, gathering large quantities of natural gas in the tail flue, etc,. To this end, the inspectors actively use relevant knowledge and technology, make economic, optimized and detailed solutions, and supervise on-site until the boiler meets the safety requirements, avoiding casualties and economic losses caused by the boiler explosion.

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