Coal-fired boilers in the Downtown Area of Chengdu City in Sichuan Province Have Been Completely Abandoned

Release time:2016-05-18 14:50

Pollution control of coal-fired boilers is an important measure in the action of haze control. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the control of coal-fired boilers, the municipal government has taken a series of powerful measures to promote the control of coal-fired boilers. Up to now, nearly 900 coal-fired boilers have been phased out in Chengdu, of which more than 200 boilers have been renovated for energy, and more than RMB 30 million has been paid for. At the same time, 459 in-service boilers in 14 suburban (city) counties were notified by the whole city, effectively supervising the upgrading or energy transformation of boilers that did not meet the new emission standards.

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