Our Vision

  • Outlook

          By 2025, Zhugen Boiler will become one of the first-class boiler-making enterprise, and a comprehensive large enterprise. This is the common vision of Zhugen people, the goal pursued by Zhugen people in unity, and the belief motivating Zhugen people to innovate. Under the guidance of this common vision, Zhugen Boiler will firmly stick to its strategies, unify its thoughts, work hard, make concerted efforts and press ahead bravely to realize new transformation development and create a better future.

  • Spirit

          Pioneering, Unremitting and Hardworking

         Over 61 years, Zhugen Boiler has cultivated excellent corporate culture, accumulated precious spiritual wealth, and formed distinct and unique corporate spirit.

         ‘Pioneering, Unremitting and Hardworking’ is the embodiment of a healthy mental state and a good work style, with which Zhugen people never retreat from a grim situation, never become intimidated by weighty difficulties, and never go around to escape their problems. ‘Highly Responsible, Innovative and Leading’ is the core content of the Zhugen spirit in the new period. The Zhugen spirit is the spiritual pillar of Zhugen Boiler, and the spiritual home of Zhugen people. Zhugen people inherit and carry forward the Zhugen spirit wholeheartedly, work hard and make concerted efforts, creating strong positive energy to push the Zhugen Boiler forward towards its dream through constant innovation and progress.

  • Core Values

         Zhugen Services, Zhugen Brands and Zhugen Creation

         ‘Zhugen Services’ is the tenet, reflecting social value and self-value. Zhugen Boiler strives to be an integrated service provider, jointly create value with its customers and comprehensively improve the level and ability of its customer services.

         ‘Zhugen Brands’ is the ability, indicating competitive power. Zhugen will actively promote the implementation of its brand strategy, cultivate Zhugen brand connotations with technology, quality, integrity and other elements, and enhance its popularity and reputation.

         ‘Zhugen Creation’ is the source, representing the driving force of scientific development. Zhugen will energetically improve its independent innovation ability and management efficiency, make bold breakthroughs in institution mechanisms, management systems and technical expertise, and create characteristic experience.

    Under the guidance of these core values, Zhugen people will vigorously construct mainstream culture in order to promote the realization of our corporate vision.

  • Social Responsibilities

         Environmental Protection and Social Welfare

         Actively responding to the requirements for piloting carbon emission trading (CET) in Beijing, Zhugen has satisfactorily performed the social responsibility of carbon emission reduction.

         Active participation in welfare undertakings is not only an obligatory social responsibility for an enterprise, but also a requirement for its long-term development. As an active participant in social welfare undertakings, Zhugen Boiler has insisted on incorporating the concept of charity and public welfare into its corporate blood, and made the philosophy of public welfare an important part of its corporate culture.

Corporate Concepts

  • Cultural Concept

    Culture is theenterprise soul.

  • Production Concept

    Security, stability,environmental protection and low cost in the production of high-end productswith high efficiency. 

  • Integrity Concept

    Self-awareness,self-discipline, openness and fairness.

  • Management Concept

    Scientificity, rigor, system optimization, elaboration and precision.

  • Marketing Concept

    Develop together withour customers.