Pressure Vessel Business Unit

      The pressure vessel BU mainly provides heavy vessels and Class I, II and III pressure vessels. The vessels’ quality has always been reliable and stable. The capacity of the plate-cold-rolling can reach 70mm and the plate-hot-rolling can reach 120mm. The thermal treatment capacity allows a vessel with a size of 17m *4m*3.6m* to be wholly processed. The crack-detection thickness is less than 200mm, and the lifting capacity reaches 100 tons, basically meeting the customers’ requirement for non-standard pressure vessels and heavy vessels.

     The successful projects include: the 80,000 tons caustic soda and PVC project for Leshan Yongxiang Resin Co., Ltd., the 1500 tons/year polycrystalline silicon project for Leshan Yongxiang Silicon Industry Co., Ltd., the 600,000 tons synthetic ammonia project for Leshan Hebang Group, the 80,000 tons PVC project for Shandong Dadi Salinization Group Co., Ltd., the 1400 tons sulfur hexafluoride project for Sichuan Honghua Industrial Corporation (military enterprise), and the ethyl cellulose and chlorine project for Luzhou Northern Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., 3000 tons/year polycrystalline silicon project for Leshan Silicon Material Co., Ltd., 100,000 tons/year methanol project for Yulin Coal Co., Ltd.; 100,000 tons/year methanol project for Sichuan Tianke Coal Co., Ltd.