President Speech

      Zhugen has always adhered to reform and innovation, andconsciously set “liberating and developing productivity, stimulating andenhancing the enterprise vitality” as its fundamental purpose, adopting mutuallearning and carrying out reform and innovation to build our services, our brand,and our creation, to promote competitive strength, and to inject inexhaustiblepower for the development of the enterprise.

      Zhugen has always been people-oriented, consciously promoting thedevelopment of the enterprise and safeguarding the unified fundamentalinterests of employees. Zhugen respects the principal position and initiativeof employees, believes in employees, and relies on its employees, and fullymobilizes their enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity to achieve the commondevelopment of both employees and the enterprise.

      Zhugen always adheres to green development, consciously putting“ecological priority, green and low carbon, energy-saving and environmentalprotection, and circular economy” in first place. 

      After 61 years, Zhugen is full of opportunities. Only throughstruggle can an enterprise last long. We sincerely look forward to working withpeople from all walks of life, partners and users hand in hand to create abetter future!